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Beautiful User

We set out to design the most amazing social network experience ever made.

Tailored for the Saudi experience, it’s as local as you can get. Even if you’ve never been on social media before (which seems highly unlikely), Agool will nudge you in the right direction with its intelligent design and smart features.

On average, we spend almost 3 hours a day on social media. If something is used that often, it needs to be beautiful, subtle, bold, and intricate, basically amazing in every way. And that’s what Agool is.





Agool comes with a host of fearless features. The reason we call them fearless - they’ll never hesitate to guard your privacy, your data or your social presence.

End-to-end encryption, data security, strict no-forwarding policy along with screenshot notifications, all neatly tied up with the control wheels in your hand.

Experience the ultimate social network. There’s no going back.

Agool Technology

Cut through the noise 06

Agool will make your life better and easier. From blockchain technology to augmented reality, you’ll traverse the best of both worlds (social & personal).

Here, you can simplify payments, join tournaments, book experiences, watch live streams and cut through the noise to get your message out.

It’s a whole new world.


Dark and Lite mode

Seamlessly switch between lite and dark mode to experience both themes. Easy for the early birds, the night owls and everyone in between.

Select a theme that suits your mood or keep switching as you need, Agool is flexible.


Our Clients

  • Diriya
  • Jeddah Seasons
  • GSA
  • MCIT
  • MOF
  • SFA
  • Spotify
  • Amazon

No Ads. None.

That’s right. No annoying pop-ups and unskippable ads ruining your social experience.

We believe targeted ads are visually painful, so we’ve gotten rid of them. While all the people you know personally can reach you through the chat app, a whole world of like-minded strangers await on the other side - the social network side.

Clear your path of the ads.

Marketing Icon

Influencer Marketing

A hybrid of old and new marketing tools, Influencer Marketing is a win-win for brands, influencers as well as end-users.

Collaborate with the best brands to bring your users the best recommendations when it comes to products or services.

All of it, right here on Agool.

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We believe the User Experience Matters. Our goal is to make the world user friendly. By implementing the scientific method (build, measure, learn) to carefully integrate new technologies with psychology, economics and awesomeness, we believe we can create fascinating easy-to-use experiences for the 'social good'. Let's cloud, crowd and collaborate.

Abdul Ibrahim Head of Digital Transformation